Upholstery Reupholstery

When you are looking for a business that provides custom upholstery reupholstery in Greater London, visit our sister company Sofa Upholstery. We have been the area’s top provider of upholstery and curtain making services since 1991, providing area homeowners, interior designers and business owners with dependable and high-quality work.

Between our experience and the number of different services we have to offer, you can rest assured that visiting Material Concepts for any and all of your upholstery needs will provide whatever you may need.

Furniture Upholstery and Restoration

We have reupholstered thousands of armchairs, sofas, ottomans and dining room chairs.
We use high quality fabrics and supplies in all our work. Our services are available for home and business furniture. We’ve been a successful and reliable business since 1991. Contact us and get an instant quote.
Over time, even the nicest piece of home furniture begins to show signs of wear and tear. Instead of throwing out an otherwise perfectly fine couch or easy chair, let us reupholster it! For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with countless happy customers in the area to bring their home furniture back to life. Any time your furniture needs the upholstery that only a professional can provide, we hope you’ll visit Sofa Upholstery. Our customers consistently choose us for furniture upholstery reupholstery and blinds, curtains making in Greater London. We offer outstanding custom upholstery services, including fabrication, restoration, repair and made to measure curtains blinds.

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